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What is Nutrition Response TM

Nutrition Response Testing™ is a precise technique for determining what your body says it needs to heal and repair problem areas using whole food supplements and herbs. Acupuncture points and nerve reflexes are analyzed using Nutrition Response muscle testing, a type of applied kinesiology developed by Dr. Freddie Ulan. This method is one of the most proven, standardized and effective healing programs available today.

Nutrition Response Testing™ provides an accurate reading of how the different points on the surface of the body relate to the state of health and to the flow of energy in each and every organ and functional system of your body. By testing the Nutrition Response Testing™ reflexes, the practitioner has a method of evaluating your bodys' imbalances which has proven to be extremely accurate clinically. The practitioner is able to identify exactly what your body needs and over the course of follow up visits determine how well your herb and whole food supplement program is meeting that need.

Getting Tested

The muscle testing is performed using the shoulder muscles and is usually done with the person resting face up on the treatment table. Several general energy tests are performed followed by a body scan to assess in sequence the strength of specific points and areas that correlate to organs and glands. The testing indicates the body's priorities for repair and regulation. Nutrition Response Testing™ also reveals if there are any categories of stressors on the body that may prevent healing, a key feature of Nutrition Response Testing™ that makes a great contribution to positive results.

Natural Health Improvement Program

Our next step is to test specific and proven high quality nutritional formulas against your body's weak areas to find which ones bring the reflexes back to strength. A highly personalized nutritional supplement schedule is worked out to correct the underlying deficiency or imbalance. Most often these are nutrients you are simply not getting or not assimilating in your diet. By following the program as precisely as possible, you are well on your way to restoring normal function and improving your health.

There are two important aspects of the program to keep in mind. First, your supplement program is Designed Clinical Nutrition using whole food supplements, not over the counter vitamins that are laboratory engineered fractions of vitamin structures. Vitamin C Complex for example has a range of vital factors that your body recognizes and needs that is far superior to synthetic versions of ascorbic acid which lack the essential synergistic elements normally present in whole foods.

Our source for whole food nutritional supplements is Standard Process. This company grows plants on their own farms without pesticides or chemicals and uses vacuum and low or no heat extraction methods to provide ingredients that are active and alive.

The second important point is that depending on your individual situation, it may be necessary for you to make some specific changes in your diet, eating habits and routines in order to bring about the best possible results. None of what you will be asked to do is guesswork. Nutrition Response Testing and the sound principles of whole food eating will guide us to what is best and necessary for you.

Schedules and Fees

Most people benefit from a 3-4 month program of weekly visits which are spaced out over more extended periods when stability and maintenance is achieved. The weekly visits are very important in the beginning because Nutrition Response Testing needs to be performed weekly to fine tune the amount and content of the nutrition program and to handle underlying problems. It is very common for acute problems to resolve and other imbalances to show up, as though the body is saying, OK we handled that and now I have the strength to repair these other issues.

The extensive first and second visits each last about one and a half hours. Included in the evaluation are body composition and aging parameters testing and the important determination of whether or not your situation will respond to nutrition. The first visit is $120. Follow up visits are $35 and run 15-20 minutes. A complete fee and services schedule is available upon request. Check or cash please. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.

Please call 860-667-1637 for an appointment and to get answers to any questions you may have.

What NOT to expect

Do not expect to have a healing crisis. The Nutrition Response Testing™ is so precise and targeted to your body's needs that support programs are well received and work gently to assist the body's own healing abilities.

Do not expect to take away a shopping bag full of supplements. Here again, the Testing and analysis allows for changes to happen in stages and the body is never asked to handle more than it needs at the present time.

Do not expect to break your piggy bank to do this program. It is affordable and works because you can make the commitment to do it without worrying about how to pay for it.

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